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Informing and Supporting State Health Policy in New Jersey (Center Infrastructure Support)

Principal Investigators: Cantor, Joel C., Koller, Margaret
Funding Agency: Robert Wood Johnson Foundation (RWJF)
Project Dates: 2022 - 2024
Contact Information: Please, use our contact form for inquiries.
Status: Active

This grant enables the Center to continue to advance its mission and serve New Jersey’s policymakers’ needs and to expand its role in informing and supporting health policy in the state. With ongoing core funding from the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation since 1999, the Center continues its leadership in well-established areas of expertise including health system performance improvement (with deep expertise on Medicaid policy and data integration), population health, and access to care.  As part of its continued service mission to New Jersey, the Center uses its considerable data analytic capacity to support policy decision making in New Jersey. This grant provides resources for CSHP to continue its work: 1) supporting rapid turnaround policy analysis and expert consultation for NJ policy decision makers; 2) exploring policies that address the social determinants of health and advance the principles of health equity in pursuit of the Center’s mission; 3) maintaining and expanding the Center’s core data infrastructure, with a focus on data linkages to enable the study of the social determinants of health; and 4) enhancing strategic communication and translation of research findings and other information of importance for health policy development in the state. This project is funded by the Robert Wood Johnson Foundation.