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Patient Decision Aid Selection for Shared Decision Making: A Multicase Qualitative Study

Date of Publication
April, 2022
Publication Type
Journal Article
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The patient decision aid (PDA) is a promising patient engagement tool for use in shared decision making (SDM). Selecting a PDA is an essential precursor to successful SDM implementation. Little is known regarding the organizational stakeholder process for assessing and selecting a PDA. We conducted a qualitative, multicase study within the context of a maternal health decision to identify the criteria used by stakeholders to select a PDA. We further explored the perceived value of PDA certification on PDA selection. We reported the PDA selection criteria within the domains of (1) Design and Functionality, (2) User Fit, (3) Context and Climate, (4) Support, and (5) Strategic Vision and found that certification was perceived to be a valuable screening mechanism for smaller health organizations. Health organizations and researchers may use our PDA selection criteria and conceptual model to plan future deployments of PDAs and patient engagement tools.