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The following list provides information on research projects currently underway at Rutgers Center for State Health Policy. To help you navigate, projects are classified by focus area and include the project name, funder, a brief description, and a link if you would like to request additional information.

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Access and Coverage

  • Medicaid Policy and the Supply of Primary Care

    Robert Wood Johnson Foundation

    This project aims to answer the following specific questions:

    1. How has the local supply of Medicaid primary care services (number of providers, use of NPs, place of service) responded to the first 3½ years of Medicaid expansion?
    2. How do the supply factors from question 1 and prices paid to local primary care providers affect patient-level access to primary care?
    3. How do the answers to question 2 vary by patient subgroups, including those with a history of homelessness or SMI and newly enrolled versus previously enrolled?
    Findings will inform efforts to ensure primary care access for growing and diverse Medicaid populations. They will inform the debate over capping federal commitment to Medicaid, which makes it imperative for states to understand how local primary care markets respond to changes in Medicaid demand and provider payment rates. Subgroup analyses will inform strategies for managing complex patients, which is a growing priority for state Medicaid programs.

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  • Homeless Service Use and Medicaid Spending in New Jersey

    The Nicholson Foundation and the New Jersey Department of Human Services, Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services

    This project links New Jersey homeless services data from 19 of New Jersey’s 21 counties to statewide, comprehensive Medicaid claims data to address important questions related to Medicaid cost savings from well-targeted investments in housing services for vulnerable populations. Four activities comprise its focus: 1) work with the New Jersey Housing and Mortgage Finance Agency and New Jersey Division of Medical Assistance and Health Services to execute and validate the data linkage; 2) conduct analysis to identify opportunities for Medicaid savings and improved patient outcomes among homeless service users; 3) evaluate the impact on Medicaid spending of permanent supportive housing placements during the study period among Medicaid beneficiaries, including conducting detailed return-on-investment analysis of selected permanent supportive housing initiatives of greatest interest; and 4) engage with state officials responsible for Medicaid and housing policy and other interested stakeholders to refine analysis plans and disseminate findings.

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